OzAsia at the Pendopo, part 2

Part 1.


Spring colour

It was all backlit petals and the smell of nasturtiums in the garden this afternoon.

Here comes the sun

Moseying about town on a nice warm spring evening. I had to take a sneaky pic of this dude too because he totally looks like the lion statue he’s standing in front of, don’t ya reckon?

Cheer Advisory Council

Cheer Advisory Council at the Promethean. My cam was somewhat struggling with the light. Clarity, definition, pffft, who needs ’em…

By My Side

A film clip I made for the band I’m in (I’m allowed to spam it here because I shot it on the same camera I use to take photos).

Art show, rock show

A few snaps from the elegant OzAsia ‘Museum of Memory’ exhibition opening, and then a paint-blistering, face-melting rock set courtesy Bad Blood & Broken Bones later on in the night.

OzAsia at the Pendopo

Behind the scenes at OzAsia exhibition Museum of Memory by Indonesian artists Jumaadi and Mawarini, held at Flinders University’s Pendopo.